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The winners are bn100, Kimberly Dawn, and mamawj99. Your books are winging their way through the interwebs as I write! Thanks again for joining me!



Star Harbor Series CoverToday, I am super excited to announce that you can now have a Grayson brother for every season in one package! That’s right! Seb, Theo, Cole and Val are all in one four-book bundle, because the Star Harbor Four-Book Bundle set, including Deep Autumn Heat, Blaze of Winter, Long Simmering Spring, and Slow Summer Burn is officially on sale as of today! It’s selling for $8.99 (a steal, given that each book alone is typically $2.99), but you can get it at Google Play and Amazon for even cheaper at $7.69 (an even bigger steal!). This is the perfect chance for you to introduce your friends to the Graysons of Star Harbor!

Buy links are here: Amazon | Barnes & NobleApple | Google | Other Places


We’re doing something a little different today. Typically, Monday giveaways run until Thursday evening, but this giveaway is only 12 hours long! In honor of the fact that Long Simmering Spring is still on sale for 99 cents, I’m going to give away three digital copies of the book! Like I said, the contest ends today, so sign up for my newsletter here and be quick with your comments because it will wrap up tonight at 9pm and books will be sent immediately. Please use the email you want the book sent to (won’t be made public) and your reader of choice (will be made public). International entries okay, since it’s all digital!

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This summer has been busy, busy, busy, and it’s about to get busier!! As some of you may know, I am headed to the huge national Romance Writers of America Convention this week. If you are in the Atlanta area, I’d love to see you at the huge book signing on Wednesday! Books, swag, your favorite authors, and all for a great cause, fighting illiteracy! I’ll be Facebooking and Tweeting my adventures at RWA, so please like and follow along!


Next, more RWA fun! Random House and Loveswept have partnered to create “Hunt for Romance,” a smart phone-based scavenger hunt app, and if you’re going to be in Atlanta, I encourage you to participate. The concept is similar to a traditional scavenger hunt; this is just the app based version! To join in the fun, just snap pictures with authors (including me!) take augmented reality photos with virtual hunks, join the conversation online, and you will be entered into the sweepstakes to win one of the following prizes:

Grand Prize: iPad Mini

First Runner-Up Prize:  Your name included in an upcoming book by RITA nominated author Ruthie Knox!  Plus, a bundle of signed books.

10 Additional Winners will receive a bundle of signed books.

The app is available for download now in both the Apple App store and in Google Play. Search “Hunt for Romance” or follow these links.

Apple App store www.socialscavenger.com/iphone/romance

Google Play www.socialscavenger.com/android/romance

(For a full list of prizes and official rules visit: www.readloveswept.com or www.romanceatrandom.com)

Finally, if you’re still reading (yay!) watch this blog for some MAJOR giveaways after RWA. I always come home with an insane amount of swag, books, gifts, etc., and want to give it all away!

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So I did something absolutely awful to my back. So awful, in fact, that I can barely move without wincing in pain. It’s this lower-back sharp pain/muscle spasm/really-I-have-no-idea, but it’s bad. The worst thing is, I don’t know what I did. It’s not like I felt something tear, or someone jumped on me or I helped a friend move and now I’m paying the price. I just woke up this way one morning late last week. The kids now know my refrain of “Mommy’s back hurts,” and say it to each other when one asks for something from me that would require me to lift. Or stand. Or sit.

When the pain first kicked in, I stretched out, did some yoga and took some Advil. When that didn’t work, I went to get a massage. All that succeeded in doing was in turning my lower back the colors of a dark rainbow. I think at this point, I just need to rest it, because nothing’s helping. I have, however, experimented with body positions and determined that I can work mostly pain-free by lying a certain way on my back on the bed with my laptop balanced over me. This works until I stand up.


On a happier note, I’m cooking along with Slow Summer Burn. As of today, I’m 60K words in and chugging towards the finish line. And today I’m also being hosted by the wonderful folks over at Kindles & Wine, where they’ve reviewed Deep Autumn Heat (and said some lovely things about the book), *and* asked me all sorts of interesting questions which I hopefully answer in interesting ways. Join me over there, leave a comment, and you could win a print copy of the book. Yay!

That’s all I have for today. If anyone has any good suggestions for getting rid of lower back pain, lay ‘em on me. I BEG YOU.


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Happy New Year!

I wish I could tell you that I was a total slacker and had a completely relaxing holiday, but alas, it was just not to be. I worked my little kazookies off. Writing, editing, work…it all came to a head the last two weeks in December and the first week in January. Throw in some inclement weather and some kids home from school, and well, you know how it went….

I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, though. Work is tapering off, and will continue to taper more through the end of the month. I’ve completed my line edits on Long Simmering Spring, and after one last look tonight, I’ll be sending it back to my editor. And I’ve kickstarted my work on my fourth Star Harbor Book, Slow Summer Burn. I also got super inspired for another book – this one a stand-alone, I think – which is Silicon Valley-Tahoe based. I’m going to try something totally new for me which is to try to write two books simultaneously, as I’m excited to get back to my Connecticut Contemporary series I started in mid-2012.

This all makes for a very inspiring start to the year!

I don’t have any goals this year except to push myself hard. There are so many things I want to write, that I’m inspired to write, and I’m just raring to go!

I thought I’d whet your appetite, though, with a little excerpt from Long Simmering Spring. Let me just give you a little background.

The characters:

Cole Grayson – ex-military, smoking hot, and kind of tortured, now Sheriff of Star Harbor

Julie Kensington - straight-arrow family doctor trying to keep her practice afloat and doing her best not to get drawn in by said smoking hot sherriff

The plot:

Cole and Julie work together to ferret out bad dudes doing bad things in Star Harbor while falling in love. Plus, the hottest sex scene I’ve written (to date).

This 5-sentence snippet is from Cole’s point of view after he’s had a run-in with Julie and she’s still dodging him:

What he wouldn’t give to run his fingers through her hair, crush her to his body, and see how high he could make her fly. See how far he could push her until she unraveled in his arms. But, clever woman that she was, she hadn’t given him an opening. She’d shied away from him since he’d returned, dodging him for months, and always with the same excuse: work. He took a deep drink of his lager, pushing back against the nostalgia, coupled with a smidge of bitterness.

From Long Simmering Spring, (c) Elisabeth Barrett 2013

Like it? Preorder links are here!

I’m looking forward to a great 2013! Hope your year is everything you hope it’ll be!

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The contest is over and the winners of Robyn Carr’s Sunrise Point are Maureen and Danielle B. Thanks for all your comments!


Though I live about thirty-five minutes from San Francisco, I actually don’t get into the city all that often. My weekday schedule is kind of insane, and the last thing I want to do on the weekends is drive up to the city, three kids and husband in tow, to go do something far away when there’s plenty of parks, playdates, and pools with walking distance.

But last Friday, I was in the city not once, but twice on the same day–first to see the Cindy Sherman exhibit at SF MoMA (it was mesmerizing), and then to attend a farewell dinner for one of my good friends who’s moving away to take a position at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I considered it a huge treat because I’d had a really productive week, which culminated in me turning in my completed mansuscript for Long Simmering Spring, Star Harbor #3 (Cole’s story).

Now SF MoMA is in SoMA, the south of Market area that, at this point, consists of tech startups, museums, warehouses and hip restaurants. But dinner was at the center of one of the coolest parts of the city–the Mission. Now, at this time of year, the Mission becomes famous for hosting a very popular Halloween street party (much like its next-door neighborhood, the Castro). And it just happens to be where Theo Grayson, hero of Blaze Of Winter, is living before he returns to Star Harbor.

Inspired by both my city trip and the Halloween holiday, I wrote a scene from Theo’s point of view that takes place about a month before the beginning of Blaze Of Winter, in the time-frame of Deep Autumn Heat.


San Francisco

“Ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred.”

Theo Grayson finished his set of crunches and stood up. His large loft seemed emptier than usual, despite the loud laughter and cheering coming from the open window. He walked over to the window overlooking 21st Street. Arms on the sill, he leaned out. Two stories below was a mass of humanity.

The sidewalks were jam-packed with bodies, and people were beginning to spill out onto the street.  It was the same story all the way down to Valencia. Halloween in the Mission was one of the great perks of living in San Francisco. Just one of the many things he’d miss if he were back in Star Harbor.

Though he wouldn’t miss the weather. It was chilly—about fifty-five degrees—but scantily-clad beauties were out in full force. One woman walked by in a glittery push-up bra and some skimpy shorts—a sight he’d never see in Star Harbor this time of year.

“Come on down, honey,” someone yelled. “We want to see the rest of you.” When he saw a buff guy waving madly, Theo realized he was the object of the man’s attention. Some women joined in the fun, hooting and hollering. Theo had forgotten that he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Realizing the way he must look—a big guy with a bare chest…and maybe nothing on underneath—he simply smiled down at the throngs, shook his head, and shut the window.

He gave a heavy sigh. His brother Cole was right—Theo needed to get out of town, return to his roots, and get started on his latest novel.  He wasn’t making any progress by staying in SF.  He’d hit a brick wall, and none of his usual tricks to jumpstart his writing were working.

Even tonight—on Halloween of all nights—he’d chosen to skip a friend’s party because he had a glimmer of an idea for his book. But when he’d sat down to write, the idea had disappeared. He’d been at it for hours before he’d given up and decided to work out. His Jack Sparrow costume hung in his closet, unworn. He’d thought he was so clever—the author of swashbuckling adventure stories dressing as a pirate for Halloween. He’d hoped the costume would provide him with some writing inspiration. Instead, it had just made him depressed that he hadn’t written a sentence. He couldn’t bear to put it on.


He had thought he was wasting his time in SF. Now, he was certain. He needed to return to Massachusetts. To the crisp autumn air and the gorgeous fall foliage, the briny waters of the Cape and the smell of wood-burning fires. God, he missed it, no more so than when he was alone and feeling sorry for himself. This was the kick in the pants he needed to get back in the right mindset. And now he needed a game plan to get out of SF and back to Star Harbor.

First things first. He’d map out a timeline for his departure, arrange to rent out his apartment, book his flights…the list quickly grew exponentially.

He glanced over at the costume in his closet. Forget about pretend pirates. Soon, he’d be face-to-face with the real thing.


Let me know what you think of my bonus material and I’ll see what I can dig up for the release of Long Simmering Spring this coming May! I have a few deleted scenes you might enjoy…..

Also, I’m happy to be doing another giveaway! I have two copies of Robyn Carr’s excellent Sunrise Point that I’m giving away to two random commenters. Just leave a comment  below letting me know about a time when you thought about making a change. U.S. entries only, please, since I’ll be shipping books. Also, winners must be members of my mailing list (sign up here). Contest ends October 6 at 9pm Pacific time.

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Blaze Of Winter comes out today! Hooray! I absolutely loved going back to Star Harbor to write Theo and Avery’s story. And because it’s Star Harbor, their tale is really romantic with a whole lot of sexy thrown in!

Here’s the official copy:

Frustrated with her job in Boston, social worker Avery Newbridge welcomes the opportunity to reassess her life when family asks her to help manage the Star Harbor Inn. Trying to figure out her future is overwhelming enough, but she doesn’t count on distraction in the form of one Theo Grayson, the gorgeous, green-eyed author who she knows is trouble from the moment he saunters into the inn.

Not only does he have a talent for writing swashbuckling adventures, but Theo also has a soft spot for big-hearted damsels in distress, especially a woman who’s great at helping everyone—except herself. Avery’s demons challenge him, but for desire this hot, he isn’t backing down. With every kiss and heated whisper Theo promises her his heart . . . if only Avery is willing to open up and accept it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who preordered or reviewed an advanced copy! As always, it’s been wonderful to hear what you’ve thought about the book! If you haven’t already ordered your own copy, here are the links:

ORDER Blaze Of Winter from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or the iBookstore (Apple)!

Also, I’d be thrilled if you’d:

FRIEND or LIKE me on Facebook

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And if you’d like to start from the beginning of the Star Harbor series, my debut novel, Deep Autumn Heat is also available from all the major e-tailers: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iBookstore (Apple) | Other Places.

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End of summer. Typically a time of reflection for me, a chance to take a deep breath and look ahead to what’s coming up on the horizon. But not this year! Not only are things already starting (so much for that last gasp of summer!), but there have been some huge changes. The big news is that my oldest little guy is heading off to kindergarten next week. Kindergarten! It’s really hard for me to process that. And my two little ones are moving up in their preschool classrooms–big changes for both of them. I’m in the thick of things right now, so I haven’t had time to really ruminate on what this all means, but I’m sure it’ll hit me in a month or so.

I’ve got loads of stuff popping up writing-wise, too! I’ve been hard at work on the third and fourth Star Harbor novels, Long Simmering Spring and Slow Summer Burn, writing, writing, and writing some more. Long Simmering Spring is done, and is currently with my (generous, very kind) beta readers. I’ve also started planning my next project (in secret mode, for the time being).

And the big news–Blaze of Winter will be released on September 10th. You can read an excerpt on Scribd here. I’m very excited about this book because the hero, Theo, is just awesome – intelligent, a bit quiet, and rugged. Plus: he wears glasses. Hot. Officially, my blog tour starts on August 31st, but I’ve prepared a tempting post about all the Grayson brothers – and sneak peeks into the heroes of Long Simmering Spring and Slow Summer Burn for Romance @ Random today.

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When I thought about how to best describe the amazing whirlwind that was the Romance Writers of America’s National conference of 2012, it was really difficult for me to wrap my head around the event. After all, I just got home yesterday, and it usually takes me about a week or two – sometimes longer – to process the really important things. And let me be clear: RWA12 was really important for me.

I went into the 4-day affair with somewhat of a plan, and for those of you who know me well, this means that I had a set of goals. I won’t bore you with my checklist (you know I had one of those, too!), so I’ll just summarize: to meet as many amazing people as I possibly could, including my editor (and her boss!) from Random House, and the other Loveswept and Ballantine authors, to bolster my understanding of the business aspect of romance writing, and to introduce myself to the community.

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to several Random House events, so I was able to meet some incredible people that way, but equally amazing were the chance meetings I had with others in the industry…the unpublished writer who wanted someone to help her perfect her pitch (Ruthie Knox, Jessica Scott and I were happy to oblige)…the kind agent who two years ago wasn’t the right fit for me, but still gave me loads of encouragement…the Twitter friend with the amazing sense of humor who was just as warm in real life as she is online. These were the kinds of connections I was hoping to make, and that I think will carry me through the rest of the year.

Now that I’ve set the scene, I’m going to show you some photos as I talk you through my week in Anaheim.

Day 1 – Literacy Autographing

My editor, Sue Grimshaw had provided some print ARCs of my debut novel, Deep Autumn Heat, for the event, which looked GORGEOUS, as well as some Romance at Random sticky notepads, flyers, and bonus Hershey’s kisses. I wasn’t sure what to expect, given that it was my first day at my first conference, so I came armed with some 8 ½ x 11 color photos of the cover of Deep Autumn Heat, some business cards with the cover of Blaze of Winter on the front and my website address and QR code on the back (I called these my “tiny Theos”), and a piece of paper in case folks wanted to sign up for my newsletter. What can I say? I was optimistic!

Okay, what I really was was overwhelmed. 500 romance authors in a room and it was loud! Plus, I couldn’t believe I was about to give my first autograph to someone who’d read and loved my book! All I could think was: “Is this really happening?”

When there was a lull in the proceedings, I made a beeline for the incredible Robyn Carr, whose support and encouragement have been invaluable.

I look a bit manic in this photo, mainly because I was kind of in shock that I was meeting one of my idols. Sadly, this wasn’t the last time I squeed all over someone (more to come on that).

That evening, I got to have dinner with my Roguers – an amazing group of writers from Silicon Valley who I’ve loved getting to know over the past couple of years. It was a relaxing end to the day.

Day 2 – Meetings!

It was such a thrill to sit in the Random House spotlight event and hear about all the incredible authors the house puts out. I must admit to feeling a bit overwhelmed when my editor said my name and described my writing.

Later that evening, I attended the Random House cocktail party where I met so many amazing women. Here I am with Stefanie Sloane (who couldn’t have been nicer), and Karen Leabo (aka Kara Lennox – one of my favorite authors whose books are being re-released by Loveswept).

I also had one heck of a fangirl moment with Heather Graham.

Me: I’m Elisabeth Barrett. Pleasure to meet you.

Her: Nice to meet you, too. I’m Heather Graham.

Me: The Heather Graham?

Her: A Heather Graham.

My editor: Yes, she’s the Heather Graham.

Me: Oh, my God.

Then I proceeded to truly embarrass myself, but Ms. Graham was kind enough to ignore it. All I have to say to her is, “Thank you. You are amazing.”

Day 3 – Dinner, Whisky (Neat), and Bird Calls

In the morning, I attended a super workshop with the screenwriter Michael Hague. I usually don’t do so well with writing classes and workshops. I’m definitely one who learns by doing, not by listening, but Mr. Hague’s presentation was so engrossing and applicable, that I actually got a ton out of it.

The awards luncheon with speaker Robyn Carr was definitely a highlight of the week for me. So many things she said resonated, including one bit about how for young women writers who were juggling jobs and writing and family and children, it was never going to be harder than it is right now. I started crying. Yes, I admit it, okay? I cried! Twice, if you really must know.

That afternoon, I had a drink with Molly O’Keefe, author of the Crooked Creek series, which starts off with Can’t Buy Me Love. She’s a pretty amazing lady, and truly down-to-earth.

And that night, the Random House Loveswept team took us out to dinner, and I haven’t had that much fun in a long while. I got to use my piercingly loud whistle to hail a cab (like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s), ate some delicious desserts, and, in a slightly more mellow state, showed off my birdcall prowess later that night in the bar.

Day 4 – Random House Book Signing and RITAs

Another huge highlight was the Random House book signing. I gave away all my copies – what a thrill! And everyone got a tiny Theo to take home with them. I mean, he’s adorable. Why wouldn’t you want a tiny Theo?

I spent the afternoon lounging around with Ruthie and Jessica and my awesome roommate, Suzanne, drinking tea and hiding from the sun. By evening, I was ready for some fun, so I joined all the Random House folks at their table for the RITAs. I have no pictures of that event to show you, since I was showing much more cleavage than is decent. Instead, I will give you a photograph of the Three Musketeers, the first three Loveswept Debuts – me, Ruthie Knox, and Jessica Scott.

Also, before she left, I fangirled Jayne Ann Krentz. Her books were what made me want to write. She was extremely gracious!

I could go on for another thousand words, but it’s getting late (again!), so I’d better wrap this up. As you can probably guess, I had an amazing time. There were so many other incredible things I did, so many other lovely people I met, and so much information I learned, but to write that all would take a week. (If you’d like to see my other photos, please stop by Facebook for the full album!)

I told my editor and agent I felt like Cinderella at the ball, and I really did. Everyone was so generous with their time, and the positive energy was overwhelming.

See you all next year in Atlanta!

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Great news! I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve sold the next two books in the Star Harbor series to Random House! Long Simmering Spring and Slow Summer Burn are due out as part of the Loveswept line in Spring and Summer 2013, respectively. If you’ve been following along, you might know that the first book of the series, Deep Autumn Heat, was released on July 9, and Blaze of Winter is coming on September 10. I’m very pleased that Loveswept wants all four books, and that the full series will be releasd so quickly! A bit about the two books I just sold:

In Long Simmering Spring, Cole Grayson finally returns to Star Harbor as the town’s new sheriff. He and Julie Kensington, the local physician, have known each other since grade school, and she’s less-than-impressed with the bad boy he used to be. But after stints in the military and on Boston’s police force, this leopard has definitely changed his spots. It isn’t long before Cole realizes that his sweet, sexy doctor will force him to confront his past and help him to face the future.

Slow Summer Burn is Val’s story. The oldest Grayson brother has been a strong, steady presence in his younger brothers’ lives. Now that the other Grayson men are settled, Val is able to focus on himself … and he has gorgeous, privileged Cameron Stahl in his sights. Cam has just opened her second antique store in town, and is more than receptive to sexy-as-sin Val’s advances. But Cam’s family isn’t too keen on their precious daughter dating a DEA agent. It’ll be up to Val to convince Cam–and himself–that he’s worth it. And man, is he worth it!

Both new books will feature more of Star Harbor and its inhabitants (including fan favorites Buster and Babs), pirate lore, and a mystery or two to keep everyone on their toes.

All of this happy news just gives me more reason to celebrate at the RWA National conference, which I can hardly believe is coming up next week! If you’re going to be in Anaheim, California on July 25th, please come find me at the Literacy Autographing (Table 802), where I’ll be signing copies of Deep Autumn Heat.

If you can’t make it to Anaheim, and would prefer to follow me around from the comfort of your own home, check out the two guest blog posts I did this week! My topic at Romance@Random is “Act Now, Think Later,” and there are some tantalizing personal anecdotes in there, including one about Mr. B! I also made the rounds at RomCon, where I answer questions about Star Harbor, Deep Autumn Heat, and what’s coming down the pipeline! Leave a comment on either site, and you could win a copy of Deep Autumn Heat!

Catch you on the flip side of RWA!

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My debut release week for Deep Autumn Heat is drawing to a close! Thank you to everyone who made it such a success – my agent, editors, family, and best of all, readers! Wow, it feels really weird to say that, but I realize that now I have readers. It’s amazing and humbling and, to be honest, kind of surreal. I’ve gotten several notes, emails and tweets from people who love my writing, and I still do a happy dance every time I get one! Deep Autumn Heat actually hit the Top 100 Nook Books (at Barnes and Noble), which was awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Should have warned you about all those exclamation points before you read that paragraph, hm? Sorry, but you have to admit, I’m kind of justified in being excited. It’s been a week of highs, and I’m hoping to hold onto this amazing feeling through the end of the month, when I’ll be attending the RWA National Conference in Anaheim, California. I’ll actually be doing my first book signing for Deep Autumn Heat at the “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing, which is free and open to the public.

The Literacy Autographing will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center, and will take place Wednesday, July 25, 2012, from 5–8 p.m. PT in the Ballroom (third floor) at the convention center. The event is free and open to the public, but no outside books will be allowed in (from attendees, not signing authors). Proceeds from book sales go to ProLiteracy Worldwide, Read Orange County, and Literacy Volunteers—Huntington Valley. If you’re in the area, please consider stopping by this incredible event. I’ll be sitting at Table 802 and would love to meet you!

If you’d like to “meet” me sooner, this coming Tuesday, July 17th from 6-7pm Eastern, I’m participating in a live Twitter chat. The theme is Loveswept Heroes (hashtag #LovesweptHeroes), and I’ll be featured, along with Jessica Scott, Ruthie KnoxSamantha Kane, and Megan Frampton. Moderated by the inestimable Sue Grimshaw, you can ask us whatever questions you like (within reason!), and get free books! Please stop by with your questions about Sebastian Grayson – I’d love to chat with you.

So yes, big week – huge week – and there’s much more to come, including a special announcement very, very soon!

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