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Today, I am very happy to welcome Natalie Bahm to my blog. Natalie is the author of The Secret Underground, a children’s novel she chose to publish as a fundraiser (with the blessing of her amazing agent, Sara Megibow) to support one very special, very sick little boy. She is also a debut author! I encourage you to read Natalie’s take on young romance, explore her site which has more information about the fundraiser, and purchase a copy of The Secret Underground. Without further ado, here’s Natalie:


Everyone Loves a Little Romance

I’m a children’s writer.  I write stories about adventure and growing up, and explore how family and friends play a role in those things.  My characters try to figure out where they fit in the world and learn to speak for themselves.

And I also like to include a little romance.

There are plenty of people who believe middle grade fiction is not the place for romance.  Those people clearly do not remember what it’s like to be an eleven-year-old! When I was eleven I had crushes on boys.  I daydreamed about my own happily ever after and wondered what kissing would be like.  I enjoyed books with a little fun and adventure, but my biggest requirement for a great read was that it included a love story.

Middle grade romance is obviously different from grown up romance and even young adult.  My stories tend to focus on feelings that are based on admiration rather than lust (there’ll be plenty of time for that later!)

I also don’t include a whole lot of physical stuff.  I think in the five books I’ve written there are may be two handholding scenes and one kiss. But there’s plenty of teasing and compliments and goose bumps and butterflies—all the things that make first love fun.

For me, no story is complete without a little love—and that’s true whether a reader is nine or ninety.

My first book, The Secret Underground has a sweet little romance.  It’s an adventure about a girl who discovers her little brother is digging tunnels along with all the neighborhood boys (including the cutest boy in her class).

It’s a very special project that my agent, Sara Megibow, and I put together as a fundraiser for a little boy who’s been in the hospital off and on since birth.  You can learn more about the book and the project HERE.  I hope you’ll consider buying a copy for a child in your life.

The paperback version is available on Amazon.  The eBook can be purchased just about anywhere eBooks are sold.  You can buy the audiobook through iTunes, Audible, and Amazon.  The paperback will be available through more booksellers soon.


Thank you, Natalie! I hope the fundraising goes well. Please come back to chat any time!


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